ALVARA Cash Center Software - Solution for Financial Service Providers and Cash-in-Transit Companies

ALVARA Cash Center Software - for optimized cash handling
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Multi-user capability - Modular design - Insurance compliant

Current challenges of the cash service industry are mastered with the process-oriented and intuitively operated Cash Center Software of ALVARA Cash Management Group AG. The modular software offers a wide range of options for the comprehensive automation of cash processing, such as the management of different cash pools, CashEDI procedures of the Bundesbank and tracking and tracing.

With these functions you can optimize your cash processing:

  • Cash processing
  • Order Management
  • Vault management
  • Logistics Management
  • Video surveillance
  • Evaluations and statistics

Benefit from the advantages of the Cash Center Software:

  • Growth
    New business areas and synergies with other financial institutions and retail facilities are opened up by the multi-client processing in the cash center software.
  • Efficiency
    The regionalization of cash cycles will reduce costs for all partners thanks to the cash center software. New operating capacities are created by reducing the time spent on controlling and reporting by the employees responsible.
  • Security
    The high degree of automation provided by the cash center software minimizes risks in the handling process.

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ALVARA Logistic App

For the first time, cash-in-transit companies can use the ALVARA Logistic App to digitally document the cash process from collection to arrival at the cash center in real time. In combination with the Android-based tour scanner technology, this provides added value for those involved in the cash process.

Real-time transparency of the entire process is guaranteed by the permanent connection of the tour scanner on which the ALVARA Logistic App works with ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC).

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