ALVARA ChangeExchange – The trade platform for coins

The costs of cash processing continue to increase for all stakeholders. Retailers call for a flexible supply with coins according to their needs and financial institutes and cash-in-transit companies constantly document coin excess. ALVARA ChangeExchange aims to take into account changing customers needs and market conditions while remaining flexible in considering the demands of all stakeholders involved in the coin trade.

ALVARA ChangeExchange joins finance institutes and cash-in-transit companies with retailers in urgent need of cash for change In doing so, the software brings together supply and demand – excess coins and cash needs – round the clock, in a very effective and inexpensive manner.

ALVARA ChangeExchange creates a cost-efficient, highly flexible cash cycle between retail, financial institutions and cash-in-transit companies with their partner banks, independent of the National Bank, from which all sides benefit – coin suppliers and consumers.


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