XIIth ALVARA INNOVATION DAYS on September 18 and 19, 2017

Cash payments vs. online retail – Cash innovations

Over 140 participants from six countries obtained answers on the challenges of cash management during the XIIth ALVARA INNOVATION DAYS

The over 140 participants of the XIIth ALVARA INNOVATION DAYS, which were held in Leipzig this week, agreed that digitalization was the key to decreasing costs and establishing greater client proximity in cash management. Consumers and retailers both have an important say in deciding the future of cash as a means of payment. This requires innovative connection solutions and, associated therewith, a reduction of costs in cash management now more than ever. These factors, among others, will determine the attractiveness of cash as an anonymous means of payment which protects the consumers' privacy as well as being accepted everywhere. The high level of automation of the cash processing devices and machines plays an important role in this context.

Specialists from the fields of banking, science, retail and financial services provided insight and outlooks on unlimited digitalization in the cash processes 2.0 during the 17 keynote addresses, expert cases and best-practice presentations. The German Central Bank, Fraunhofer Institute, Trade Association and a study commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Finance kicked off the event with an assessment of the status quo and their visions for the future. They strategically provided an overview of everything from the fiscal perspective on the changes in cash payments, payment transactions in retail to the role of banks times of digitalization and FinTech companies revolutionizing payment transactions. Leading financial service providers such as KÖTTER Geld- und Wertdienste and ZIEMANN SICHERHEIT allowed for a broader view on the changes of payment transaction flows and innovations in this field all the way into the cloud.

Best-practice examples from internationally leading technology companies such as G+D Currency Technology or Julong from China showed where cash management is headed. Engineers and software developers secure cash for customers at the supermarket using cash technology 2.0.

The conference also featured an exhibition by 14 companies on the latest technological concepts and developments in cash management and security. The exhibits ranged from payment and coin machines to solutions for bank and cash counting devices with built-in safes. Tomra Systems introduced efficient ways of depositing cash in cooperation with Coinstar. INSYS MICROELECTRONICS demonstrated how no more keys can get lost when safe locks are opened with single-use codes, which reduces risks and costs. Lock Your World had brought its "virtual gatekeeper", pylocx.

The participants agreed in their assessment of the two-day conference, commenting; "Professional, personal, performant – one of the best industry meetings in Germany in the last few years." "Interesting and highly informative presentations with new findings and background knowledge." "A fantastic event with interesting presentations and exhibitors." "The visit was well worth the effort."  

Bernd Hohlfeld, Chairman of ALVARA Cash Management Group AG, is very pleased with the outcome, stating, "With every conference, the ALVARA INNOVATION DAYS draw an increasing number of stakeholders from cash management to Leipzig and the contributions and discussions are of high caliber. We are excited about the projects which will develop this year from the impetus provided by the industry meeting. By the way, the XIIIth ALVARA INNOVATION DAYS are scheduled for September 2019 and will, of course, take place in Leipzig once again."

Exhibitors/sponsors 2017:

Actemium Cegelec GmbH | ALMEX GmbH | Anton Debatin GmbH | BS Banktechnik GmbH Chemnitz | Casio Europe GmbH | CIMA S.p.A. | COINSTAR | dpm Identsysteme GmbH | G+D Currency Technology GmbH | INSYS MICROELECTRONICS GmbH | Julong Europe GmbH | Lock Your World GmbH & Co. KG | NGZ Geldzählmaschinengesellschaft mbH & Co. KG | orfix International GmbH | TOMRA Systems GmbH | VMWL Vermittlungsgesellschaft Mittelständischer Wertlogistiker mbH

Gallery: Michael Schmidt/ALVARA AG