ALVARA Interactive Cash Control - the Cash Control Platform

Branches of the Federal Bank being shut down, the compulsory electronic order of coins and notes, deposits and pay-outs (CashEDI), new regulations regarding coin and note processing, insurance regulations, the ongoing cross-linking and constant cost pressures require innovative solutions for the cash cycle. These must be applicable for all stakeholders on every level of cash processing.

Especially financial institutions fully or partially outsourcing cash logistics can solve extensive communication and monitoring tasks using the following modules:

  • Order Module
  • CashEDI Module
  • Self-service technology
  • Monitoring Module
  • Reporting Module
  • Cash Management

Controlling cash processing in compliance with audit and insurance requirements secures major competitive advantages such as the optimization of costs and profits, neutrality, transparency and minimization of risks.
z. B. die Optimierung derKosten und Erträge, Neutralität, Transparenz und die Minimierung der Risiken.

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