ALVARA | Digital Solutions

Together with our colleagues from Safelogy and it kompetenz, we will now operate under the brand name ALVARA | Digital Solutions. That means the ideal starting position to the group in order to expand its customer base and its market coverage internationally much faster.

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The aim of the group is to ...

  • further expand the product and service portfolio for our German and international customers
  • harmonize existing products on the market and focus on more modern, groundbreaking software solutions
  • serve all actors involved in the cash cycle from a single source
  • strengthen the right of cash to exist in Europe

Our existing and future customers will benefit from our growing corporate strength and industry expertise.

Our flexible, customized standard solutions help retailers, financial institutions and cash-in-transit companies worldwide to enhance the quality, security and transparency of your cash processes. In addition to process optimization, the focus is also on cost reduction with the support of innovative technologies.

This is ALVARA | Digital Solutions:

Safelogy - a sister company of ALVARA

Safelogy has developed the first universal cash automation platform allowing merchants to optimize cash management through a flexible multi-vendor, customizable and integrated solution.


it kompetenz logo

it kompetenz stands for the successful development of innovative, field-tested and secure software systems in the field of value logistics and distribution. Applications for controlling, monitoring and optimizing cash logistics processes ensure seamless communication between value-added service providers, financial institutions and retailers.


Together, the companies are represented in 15 European countries.

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