ALVARA Main Cash Station Software for Financial Institutions

Main Cash Station Software - for simple and efficient cash management
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Modular design - Insurance compliant - Certified

The single- and multi-user ALVARA Main Cash Station Software provides financial institutions with their own cash processing with a wide range of options for comprehensive automation. Financial institutions with cash processing by the cash-in-transit service provider can use the "Cash Pricing" module to calculate charges based on expenditure and take them into account when booking.

These functions make your cash processing even faster and easier:

  • Counting money
  • Evaluation and reports
  • Booking
  • Recycling of banknotes
  • Cash Pricing
  • Federal Bank statistics

Benefit from the advantages of the Main Cash Station Software :

  • Security
    The high level of automation provided by the ALVARA Main Cash Station Software enables risk minimisation in the money processing process and a clear allocation of the funds to be processed.
  • Time saving
    Thanks to the main cash register software, employees are relieved of time-consuming routine tasks, which reduces the time needed for controlling and reporting and creates new operational capacities.
  • Efficiency
    The ALVARA Main Cash Station Software creates competitive advantages and brings cost savings with its consistent process support. At the same time, the quality of your cash processing is significantly increased.

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ALVARA CashPricing

Financial institutions manage vast quantities of coinage and, of course, also bear the costs for it. They often neglect consistent pricing of cash-related services because of the large number of manual procedures. Standardized and software-based processes are becoming increasingly important to complete these tasks.

The CashPricing module allows for a constant exchange of account and secure cash bag data, the synchronization with counting results and a final preparation of accounting data. The tool is used to configure and manage pricing models.