In times of declining earnings potential, financial institutions face the challenge of optimizing their cash processes and reducing costs.

Our solutions ensure greater security for your cash management, transparent cash logistics and efficient cash processing.

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Industry Opinions

"The cooperation with the ALVARA team has brought us much further in the digitalisation of coin handling. With the ALVARA ChangeExchange and the "Cash Pricing" module, the savings bank itself determines the scope of services for its customers and can price it accordingly. The introduction of standardised processes, e.g. safe deposit box acceptance via ALVARA ICC, reduces the workload of counter staff. We are on the right track."

Kirstin Kretschmer
Cashmanager, Stadtsparkasse MagdeBurg

"Thanks to the expert support of the ALVARA Cash Management Group, we were able to implement our cash projects in a targeted manner. The software solutions ALVARA ICC, ALVARA Main Cash Station Software and Cash Pricing are used in our branches and our main cash register. The total cost of providing cash services to our customers was significantly reduced by using ALVARA solutions."

Knut Weise
Head of Central Services Department, Volksbank Chemnitz eG