CMH Group: ALVARA and sister companies combine expertise and benefit from synergies

After a successful year 2019, ALVARA is embarking on new projects together with its sister companies Safelogy and Serisoft. The focus continues to be on bundling the respective core competencies. The first milestones, such as the networking of ALVARA ICC and Safelogy Monitoring, have already been achieved. For example, customers can now benefit from monitoring their smart safes and deposit safes/recyclers in addition to the classic ALVARA functions.

Leipzig, January 21, 2020 - The CMH Group has reached important milestones in 2019 to bundle the core competencies of ALVARA Cash Management Group AG and its sister companies Safelogy and Serisoft. With joint strength, the existing market lead is now to be expanded and new target groups are to be developed.

"We are pleased about a healthy growth of the group", says Bernd Hohlfeld, member of the board of ALVARA and managing director of CMH Group. "The networking of our solutions, finding a common language and a strong image create tangible synergies that strengthen our market position. This year we want to further expand the gained presence".

In the meantime, ALVARA ICC and Safelogy Monitoring are already connected. Users can therefore use the ALVARA functions and additionally monitor their smart safes and deposit safes/recyclers. ALVARA is also currently testing the Safelogy Smart Safe app for the German market. Safelogy, on the other hand, is adding an ALVARA module for the optimization of cash orders and value-added services to its portfolio. Joint development projects with SeriSoft with a view to a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) and cloud services have also already been started.

According to the CMH experts, the core topics for retailers and financial institutions this year again include cost reduction, logistics optimization and the implementation of sustainability.

"Intelligent, forward-looking and flexibly deployable solutions from SMEs that enable the intermeshing of hardware and software are more in demand than ever," Hohlfeld notes. "This is why we in the CMH Group will continue to develop innovative models that will help our customers move forward."

The different levels of experience within the group can help here. For example, the extensive knowledge of the processes in retail companies and financial institutions enables the development of tailor-made and needs-based solutions. "Our expertise and our claim to develop highly secure applications are an essential foundation stone for the development of new markets," summarises the ALVARA board member.

SeriSoft will, for example, expand its solutions and the existing target groups such as the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics market, banknote printers or manufacturers of chip cards and ID documents, and in future will also offer its services to tobacco companies and the brewery and beverage industry.

In addition to cooperation on content, the group is also planning further joint events. For example, ALVARA and Safelogy will be present at the ESTA in Dublin from 17-19 May 2020.



CashCon 2020: ALVARA introduces ICC App for Cash Management

According to the motto "Cash at the pulse of time", top-class experts from retail, banks, service companies and industry will report on current practical experience, discuss future requirements and provide new thought-provoking impulses for modern cash processes at CashCon 2020. ALVARA will once again be a cooperation partner of the event and will provide an insight into the ICC App.

Leipzig, December 3, 2019 - Digitisation can no longer be stopped. Even though cash is currently still the most important means of payment in Germany, more and more alternative payment methods are entering the market. CashCon and its event partners, GS1 Germany and the EHI Retail Institute, will provide answers to the questions and tasks arising for the various players from this development at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne from January 29 to January 30, 2020.

"We will gladly continue to support CashCon as a cooperation partner in 2020 and will continue the partnership with GS1 and EHI that was launched in 2019," says Bernd Hohlfeld, ALVARA Management Board member. "Optimising the cash cycle with innovative solutions has always been one of our central tasks. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to give visitors to CashCon a preview of our ICC App. It will be available to our customers from spring onwards".

The relevant modules of the proven ALVARA platform Interactive Cash Control (ICC) will then also be available to users as an app. The online platform supports various players in all processes related to cash ordering and dispensing or in the monitoring of self-service technology.

In combination with the modules "digital driver identification" and "digital receipt" of the ALVARA Logistic App, the ICC App is a further milestone on the way to a sustainable PC- and paperless retail branch.

CashCon participants can meet numerous market participants at the event, experience the latest products, solutions and services relating to the cash cycle and benefit from the combined know-how of the exhibitors. The four central questions at CashCon 2020 include:

  • What changes can be expected in the supply and disposal of cash?
  • What new ideas have been implemented? And have they proved their worth?
  • How can the benefits of cash be highlighted?
  • What is the impact of costs - and how can they be reduced?



ALVARA and the cash-in-transit sector focus on sustainability

The topic of "sustainability" has long since arrived in the cash-in-transit sector (CIT). But it is not only the idea of effective environmental protection that plays a role. Process optimization is also necessary, for example to improve the security situation and save costs.

Leipzig, October 23, 2019 - ALVARA Cash Management Group AG supports sustainable CIT services at various levels. The Leipzig-based cash specialist is once again fulfilling its social responsibility and continues to focus on solutions that do justice to the environment, employees, customers and suppliers.

"We take our role as one of the leading cash specialists very seriously and see in it the task of paying attention to sustainability - wherever it makes sense and is possible," explains Bernd Hohlfeld, CEO of ALVARA. "Our solutions help, for example, to avoid special trips in the event of faults in self-service equipment. Thanks to flexible one-time codes, a technician in the vicinity can intervene immediately instead of additionally requesting a CIT company with a suitable key."

The ALVARA Logistic App not only helps to protect the environment with its "one-time code generator". The "Digital Driver Identity" function also supports this idea, for example by digitizing driver lists or receipts that were previously in paper form. The driver's QR code scanned by the store employee is automatically compared with the data stored in ALVARA ICC. Paper-based legitimation lists are no longer required. At the same time, the transfer of money becomes even more secure.

ALVARA also relies on partners with strong solutions in the hardware sector who treat the environment and society responsibly. "The DEBATIN safebags made of recycled film, for example, are not only tamper-proof but also environmentally friendly," explains Hohlfeld.

Thomas Rose, Managing Director of Anton Debatin GmbH, adds: "We are of the opinion that responsible handling of raw materials, materials and waste is always important. For this reason, recycling, reusability and the protection of resources have been top priorities at DEBATIN for many years. For example, our group-owned film recycling cycle "DERIBA CYCLE" ensures that our packaging does not end up in the environment, waste is reduced and resources are conserved. At the same time, we ensure the supply and quality of our recycled films from recyclable waste. (Product) packaging is therefore always much more than just a container and reveals a lot about the intentions and ideals of the manufacturer and the buyer".*

Many cash-in-transit companies also improve the efficiency of transport processes both from a cost and environmental perspective, for example by optimising routes or investing in vehicles that meet strict emission standards and by training drivers in environmentally friendly driving techniques.

"Loomis orders the DEBATIN Safebags with the Blue Angel in terms of sustainability," confirms Lucjan Hełminiak, Head of Operations & Business Development at Loomis Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. "We are also pushing ahead with the development of a reusable safebag. In addition, our drivers also work with the ALVARA Logistics App.

ALVARA is also working with a "green" data center: At the end of 2018, the cash specialist decided to cooperate with the data centre location in Taucha near Leipzig.

"In addition to high availability and reliability, one of the main requirements of the new data center was to have a completely independent provider for electricity and Internet connections on board," says Hohlfeld. "Certifications according to standards such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 also underline our own quality standards towards our customers and partners. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and green IT, i.e. operation with green electricity and the latest technology for efficient air conditioning, rounds off the overall concept. We not only have the know-how, but also the capacities and state-of-the-art infrastructures for the optimum protection of sensitive customer data".


* Source: Cf: (

ALVARA grows under the umbrella of the CMH: Takeover of ZEISER Software

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Supported by its investor Silver Investment Partners (SIP), ALVARA Cash Management Group AG continues to grow together with the CMH. The acquisition of the software division of ZEISER GmbH (ZEISER Software) continues the sustainable growth course of the CMH, to which ALVARA has also belonged since 2018.

Leipzig, May 27, 2019 - As part of the CMH GmbH, the Leipzig-based cash specialist ALVARA Cash Management Group AG continues to grow. With the support of its majority shareholder Silver Investment Partners (SIP), the CMH, to which ALVARA has belonged since 2018, acquires the software division of ZEISER GmbH (ZEISER Software), a leading provider of software solutions for serialization and track & trace applications.

The market for track & trace solutions offers great growth potential. With ZEISER Software’s innovative technology and product platform, the Group can benefit even more from this potential and drive its development towards becoming the pan-European market leader.

“ZEISER Software is ideally suited to ALVARA and the CMH due to its complementary product range. Together we can enter new markets, expand our customer base and accelerate the market entry of innovative software solutions,” says Bernd Hohlfeld, Board of ALVARA and CEO of CMH. “The merger is the next logical step in the further development of our group.“

Following the carve-out from ZEISER GmbH, the software division of ZEISER Software will operate as an independent company named SeriSoft GmbH. Under the umbrella of CMH, SeriSoft will strengthen the software specialists for cash management ALVARA Cash Management Group, SAFELOGY SAS and MLSA SAS. Together with the experienced management team, Dr. Stefan Öing, currently site manager of ZEISER Software, is responsible for the operative business as CEO of SeriSoft.

“Being part of CMH opens up completely new perspectives for us – both financially and in terms of sales,” says Dr. Stefan Öing, CEO of the new company SeriSoft. “With the expertise and resources of the Group, we can professionalize the distribution of our products and sustainably expand our market position.”

ZEISER Software has more than 20 years of experience in the development of secure product serialization and track & trace software solutions. The division is part of ZEISER GmbH (formerly Atlantic Zeiser), which, since 2002, has been part of Orell Füssli Group, the official printing company of Swiss banknotes. The applications of ZEISER Software are used in the personalization of ID documents and chip cards, tracking and tracing of sheets in banknote printing, grey market control of products in the cosmetics market and in the pharmaceutical sector for the database-driven tracking of medicines throughout the entire supply chain. With its customizable software solutions, ZEISER Software is thus very well positioned in promising industries such as the pharmaceutical market and the market for brand protection solutions. The flexible approach makes it possible to efficiently adapt the software solution to different industry requirements and offers broad development opportunities.
The customers of ALVARA Cash Management Group AG will noticeably benefit from the diverse synergy effects.



ALVARA gets new sister companies Safelogy and MLSA

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With the support of its investor Silver Investment Partners (SIP), ALVARA Cash Management Group AG is growing beyond Germany's borders as planned. CMH Group, the wholly-owned parent company of ALVARA AG, acquires the French companies Safelogy SAS (Safelogy) and MLSA SAS (MLSA). ALVARA thus achieves the next milestone towards becoming the European market leader for software solutions in cash management.

Leipzig, May 16, 2019 - The CMH Group takes over the French companies Safelogy SAS (Safelogy) and MLSA SAS (MLSA) retroactively to December 31, 2018. The Leipzig-based cash specialist has thus reached another milestone on its way to becoming the European market leader for software solutions in cash management. At the same time, the long-term oriented ALVARA investor Silver Investment Partners (SIP) underlines the already announced sustainable growth strategy.

Under the umbrella of CMH Group, the two companies Safelogy and MLSA strengthen the German cash logistics specialist ALVARA Cash Management Group AG (ALVARA), a portfolio company of SIP since October 2018.

“With ALVARA and SIP, we have gained strong partners with whom we can strengthen our market position in Europe. I look forward to jointly continuing the growth path of our companies,” said Emmanuel Gaucher, CEO of MLSA and Safelogy.

Emmanuel Gaucher continues to be responsible for the operative business as CEO of MLSA and Safelogy. In addition, he will lead CMH Group together with Bernd Hohlfeld, CEO and founder of ALVARA. In this function, he will be responsible for the strategic positioning of the Group. Cyril Portalez remains CTO of Safelogy and in this position continues to develop the company's innovative applications.

“With the support of our new French colleagues, we can further expand our product and service portfolio for our German and international customers," says Bernd Hohlfeld, member of the ALVARA Management Board and Managing Director of CMH Group. “The combination of our IT expertise and product competence allows us to bring innovative software solutions to market even faster. In particular, I see considerable synergy potential in the interaction between the ALVARA ICC solution and the French provider's safe monitoring system.“

MLSA was founded in 1986 in Bar le Duc (France) and specializes in back-office applications to optimize cash management processes. The company operates internationally with a focus on Europe and Africa and offers retailers, cash-in-transit companies, financial institutions and public transport companies tailor-made software solutions to capture, control and monitor their cash flows.

In 2015, Emmanuel Gaucher, CEO and owner of MLSA, and Cyril Portalez jointly founded the start-up Safelogy in Marseille (France) to better meet retailers’ needs for software solutions to automate the cash cycle. The company has developed the first universal cash automation platform allowing merchants to optimize cash management through a flexible multi-vendor, customizable and integrated solution. The platform is used daily by more than 5,000 retailers. The cloud-based software enables customers to efficiently capture and track cash balances and cash flows. This allows retailers to reduce cash processing costs by up to 50 percent.

As a group, ALVARA, MLSA and Safelogy are in a unique position to serve their customers across Europe. Together, the companies are represented in 15 European countries. By harmonizing standards, they create a uniform system landscape that makes it easier for customers to synchronize their cash management processes at the European level and thus realize efficiency gains.



Time and cost savings: ALVARA connects ARCA back-office recycling system with ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC)

ARCA back office solution with cash and coin recycling
includes the CM18b and CC3R can now be connected

Numerous cash handling processes - from the supply and depositing of cash, to the ordering of change and cash accounting - can run much more efficiently in retail. Intelligently designed back-office solutions using automation help by digitizing and automating analog process steps.

Leipzig, February 13, 2019 - In January 2019, ALVARA connected another technology solution to ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC) with the ARCA back office equipment, the CM18b cash recycler and CC3R coin recycler. Thanks to the new interface, users of the ARCA back-office system can now perform monitoring via ICC. This means that users are always informed about what, when and by whom cash and coin has been deposited or repaid. If required, they can also view the cassette available capacity. ICC is also able to automatically trigger change orders and disposal orders.

"With the creation of the new interface, ALVARA is once again underlining its manufacturer neutrality and independence," says Bernd Hohlfeld, member of the ALVARA Management Board. "Trading companies now have an even larger selection of suitable back-office machines, such as the ARCA solution, with which monitoring by means of ICC is possible".

If ARCA's machines are equipped with an Insys one-time code lock, code generation can be carried out even more securely and efficiently using the ALVARA Logistic App's one-time code generator. "If required, the ALVARA App can also support the process of supplying and disposing of the market from pickup at the store to arrival at the cash center and digitally document all transfers of liability," adds Hohlfeld.

The complete solution will be presented from 19 to 21 February 2019 at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf (Hall 10 / Stand D58).

ARCA is an international manufacturer of technologies for cash automation. The connection to the devices is a further milestone for ALVARA to further expand its presence on the European market.

Sales partner of the ARCA back office recycling system in Germany is NGZ Geldzählmaschinengesellschaft mbH & Co KG.

Silver Investment Partners acquires ALVARA Cash Management Group

  • Acquisition by long-term investor facilitates management succession for software specialist in cash management
  • ALVARA has attractive growth prospects as the only system provider of solutions for the entire cash cycle
  • Plans for investment in internationalization and further acquisitions

Königstein/Leipzig, October 01, 2018 - Silver Investment Partners (SIP) has acquired a majority shareholding in the privately-owned cash logistics specialist ALVARA Cash Management Group AG (ALVARA). The company is a leading provider of software solutions to all parties involved in the cash cycle to manage, automate and monitor cash management. With this transaction, ALVARA lays the foundation for the development of an orderly management succession plan. In addition to SIP, the second management level will also acquire a minority stake as part of the takeover. The former majority shareholder and founder of ALVARA, Bernd Hohlfeld, also retains a minority stake in the company and, in the medium term, will continue to be responsible for the operative business as a board member. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

“I am delighted that we have gained a strong and long-term partner in Silver Investment Partners, with whom we can develop an orderly management succession plan for ALVARA and at the same time pursue new growth opportunities”, says Bernd Hohlfeld, CEO and founder of ALVARA.“

ALVARA holds a unique market position. The company is the only provider in the cash cycle to offer software solutions for all stakeholders from a single source”, says Philipp Amereller, Managing Partner of SIP. "We will help ALVARA capitalize on this excellent base and further extend its leading market position.”

Exclusive product offering across the entire cash cycle

The predecessor company of ALVARA was founded in 1996 in Leipzig. Since then, the company has become a leading provider of custom IT solutions and related cash management services. With around 30 employees, the company provides software solutions for retailers, cash-in-transit companies and financial institutions, predominantly in the DACH region. As such, ALVARA serves all parties involved in payment transactions from a single source and has a diversified customer base. Retailers such as REWE and cash-in-transit companies such as SecurePost in Switzerland represent the largest customer groups.

The company's solutions enable customers to better control, automate and monitor the entire cash cycle: from the point-of-sale checkout counter to the cash-in-transit company and the responsible bank, right back to the ATM. Cloud-based software enables customers to efficiently capture and track cash balances and cash flows. The embedding of customer data in the ALVARA Cloud also simplifies the interaction between the individual players in the cash cycle. This increases the transparency, cost-efficiency and security of payments for the customers and the risk of fraud is minimized. Customers save on insurance premiums, can free up resources and optimize lead times.

Attractive growth prospects

ALVARA is the only German provider of completely integrated software solutions with know-how of the entire cash cycle as well as interfaces and data sources from the entire process. So far, many retailers, cash-in-transit companies and banks rely on resource-intensive proprietary solutions based on outdated technologies. This puts ALVARA in a unique position to meet the growing need for transparent, cost-effective and secure cash management IT solutions and to attract new customers.

“We see tremendous growth potential for ALVARA, both in expanding its customer base and expanding internationally”, says Philipp Amereller. The company has already created a basis for international growth through its product portfolio and existing customers. The ALVARA software is already being used by existing customers like REWE at locations outside the DACH region. Downstream players in the cash cycle of these countries often do not yet use the company's solutions. The scalability of the ALVARA software offers potential for more efficient management of the cash cycle and international expansion of the company. In addition, ALVARA is the first and only company to have a fully integrated and certified solution that interfaces with the Bundesbank's CashEDI system. This system will gradually be adopted by other central banks for more efficient cash management. This results in further international growth potential for ALVARA.  

Partnership development of the company

SIP will support ALVARA as an entrepreneurial partner in the further development through organic growth and selective acquisitions in the industry. The focus of SIP will be to offer sustainable support to its portfolio company, which will benefit from the know-how, network and long-term orientation of the investor.

Together with Bernd Hohlfeld and the strong second management level of ALVARA, SIP will continue the company’s growth strategy and sustainably expand its market coverage. The second management level will also participate in ALVARA as part of the transaction, which underlines their conviction in the opportunities and the long-term success of the company.

SIP was advised on the transaction by GCA Altium (M & A), Rödl & Partner (Financial), KWM Europe (Legal and Taxes) and TZ Consulting (IT). The sellers have mandated PWC (M & A and Legal) as advisors.



Cash and digitalization – How can these go hand in hand?

With its ChangeExchange, ALVARA offers the key to cost reduction and client proximity in cash management

2017-12-06 – The German Trade Association HDE has been studying the topic of cost development for hard cash and the search for ways out of the price spiral. Ulrich Binnebößel, Head of HDE's Division of Payment Transactions and Logistics, presented the latest considerations on the expert conference "Digitalization Knows No Limits – Cash Processes 2.0" which took place in Leipzig in September. In his keynote speech titled "Payment in Retail", he focused on possible perspectives in cash development.

The proportion of turnover in cash has been declining for years and, so far, there are no signs that this trend will be reversed. A total 51.3 percent of payments are made in cash, 48.7 are cashless. Cash still clearly dominates at the point of sale in retail at 77.9 percent according to a study conducted by the EHI Retail Institute in 2016. Payments for small amounts of up to 20 euros represent the majority of all cash payments in store.

So far, only half of the retailers do not pay fees for the procurement of their coin rolls but the proportion is steadily growing because of the banks' cost pressure regarding cash. A total of 37 percent of retailers already pay more than 11 cents per roll or often fixed fees per year or coin dispensing at their respective bank. The average price per roll is 36.3 cents and strongly varies depending on the procurement source. Cash-in-transit companies tend to offer the lowest prices per roll but often only serve large-scale customers and the small boutique in the pedestrian zone. So, what to do if the costs for cash management continuously increase for retailers? At the end of his presentation, Ulrich Binnebößel called for, among other things, new forms of coin procurement for retailers so as to maintain the choice of the type of payment for costumers at the store.

In this context, he mentioned the first free online market place for coins developed by a Leipzig-based company. The innovative platform provided by the cash logistician ALVARA Cash Management Group AG can be used by any retailer irrespective of the cash-in-transit company to which they are contractually bound or their principal bank. This way, retailers can quickly eliminate any coin shortages and submit their orders from their mobile devices, by smartphone or iPad, as well. Adrian Knoch, owner of easyApotheke from Duderstadt, already uses the online service and concludes, "Now, we can flexibly order our coins online at any time. We have used the ChangeExchange a couple of times already and are very pleased with the experience." Banks have also recognized the benefits of digital coin procurement. Across the nation, the savings banks in Fürstenfeldbruck, Magdeburg, Eberswalde and Herford as well as various cash-in-transit companies use the ChangeExchange for their clients. In doing so, they offer a digital service which saves them a significant amount of costs and time in coin management.

Therefore, digitalization is one key to reducing costs and establishing more customer proximity in cash management. The next ALVARA INNOVATION DAYS on the topic of cash management are scheduled for September 2019 and will, of course, take place in Leipzig once again.


The future is digital!

Coinage is a product which breaks even at Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg

2017-12-14 – For many financial institutions, coins still mean great effort: retailers lining up at the bank, stressed staff at the counter, manual processes prone to error and high costs for processing coinage. All these challenges are a thing of the past at Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg.

Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg has steered cash money out of the red thanks to an innovative digital model. Corporate clients of Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg can now easily order their coins via the bank's website. Following an initial, free-of-charge registration, the clients log onto the online portal and simply place their orders. It also works from mobile devices such as smartphones. After prepayment, the clients receive information on the delivery status via e-mail. They can then pick up the coins at a branch of their choice or have them delivered to their stores by DHL.

The clients are satisfied. Waiting at the counter has become a thing of the past. Now, they receive their prepaid unopened packet of coins in a fast and uncomplicated manner. The Sparkasse staff no longer have to handle individual rolls at the counter or have discussions with the clients about the fees.

How does this work? Kirstin Kretschmer, Cash Manager of Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg, explains the process, "The retailers order the rolls in any denomination online via They transfer the sales price to the recipient's account specified in the online portal. Our cash-in-transit company, which is also digitally connected to the system, loads the coin packs and delivers them to one of our five branches. Of course, the order can also be delivered via DHL at an extra charge to be paid by the customer. If the online order is placed by 10:00 am on a bank business day and payment is received by 12:30 pm on the same day, the coin order is available for pick-up within two bank business days. The coinage is handed out to the customer upon presentation of the order confirmation and an identification document. The order may also be picked up by a representative in possession of the order confirmation and written authorization by the purchaser. This way, the representatives of a retail chain can obtain the package reserved for them as well." About 80 percent of the clients pick up their coins directly at the branch. Commercial customers in more remote locations tend to prefer the DHL service.The ordering of coins has not only become significantly easier for the clients but also for Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg which has automated the consistent fee income.

A clear description of the processes at Stadtsparkasse and the collaboration with ALVARA Cash Management Group AG from Leipzig represent the technological backbone of this solution. The team around company chairman Bernd Hohlfeld developed the innovative ALVARA ChangeExchange platform, which brings together those offering coins and those looking for them in an online platform – easy to use and available around the clock, even outside the opening hours of the bank. Banks, service providers and retail companies were presented with a sustainable perspective for the cash cycle and therefore an alternative for an efficient, cost-effective coin supply. Thanks to the ALVARA ChangeExchange, which was tailored to the strategy of Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg, 100 percent of the costs are covered. The savings bank can determine its scope of services offered through the ChangeExchange as well as the respective prices. The pressure on the counter staff has been reduced by the introduction of standardized processes. Kirstin Kretschmer concludes, "The collaboration with the ALVARA team significantly advanced our efforts to digitalize cash management. Initial customer feedback has confirmed that we are on the right track."

As a result, the digitalization of processes became an important step towards reducing costs and providing more customer service in coin processing. This development benefits all stakeholders, from the consumers at the store, who still mainly pay cash, to the bank. Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg broadened its horizon and mastered the balancing act between customer satisfaction and cost reduction by optimizing and simplifying processes as well as integrating an innovative digital solution.

Successful duo in cash management: ALVARA Logistics App and KÖTTER Security Cloud rolled out

High-tech tracking and tracing at KÖTTER Geld- & Wertdienste

2017-12-20 – A joint solution to track and trace the entire cash cycle in real time which was developed by KÖTTER Geld- & Wertdienste SE & Co. KG in collaboration with ALVARA Cash Management Group AG is already in use at three locations of the cash-in-transit company. The Android-based tour scanner technology has been introduced at the Duisburg branch as well as the cash centers in Dortmund and Cologne, generating added value for all stakeholders in the cash cycle.

For the first time ever, data, such as the number of secure cash bags, collection time, driver ID and digital receipts, is transmitted to the KÖTTER Security Cloud in an audit-proof manner and in real time and can be accessed for further processing or evaluation while the cash is still in transit. This results in quicker and easier access to all tracking and tracing data for the accounting and auditing departments while cash centers save time and costs due to the centralized administration and efficient device management. Internal and external reporting is also significantly simplified as a result.

Security and availability throughout a transparent cash cycle are a top priority. The fail-safe KÖTTER Security Cloud in which all data is centrally stored, is accessed using encrypted connections and prevents data loss even if the scanner is out of order or lost.

Frederik Nitschke, Head of Operations, Finance and Risk Management is very optimistic about the continuing colloaboration with ALVARA, stating,  "We have found an incredibly creative and flexible partner in Bernd Hohlfeld's team on our way to innovation. We are already planning the next projects."

Additionally, the solution, which was nominated for the Security Innovation Award 2016 by a panel of expert judges, will be installed at the cash center in Bremen as well as the Paderborn and Aachen branches.