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ALVARA is the name for protection and security in all processes throughout the cash cycle. The ALVARA complete solutions support and optimize your cash management. Our comprehensive specific know-how enables us to understand and network the interests of cash stakeholders from financial institutions to retailers and cash-in-transit companies. In doing so, we follow a largely standardised concept, while at the same time respecting sector- and customer-specific requirements.

Our solutions for your cash management

ALVARA Interactive Cash Control
The Cash Control Platform

  • Transparent documentation of the entire cash cycle
  • Digital control of the cash orders
  • Standardized interfaces for efficient data exchange

... now available as an app!

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ALVARA Main Cash Station Software for Financial Institutions

  • Comprehensive automation of cash processing
  • Cost savings thanks to efficient process support
  • Simple calculation of expense-based fees using the "Cash Pricing" module

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ALVARA Cash Software for Retailers

  • Risk minimization in cash processing through high automation
  • Efficient cash processing in the back office
  • Transparent master data and vault management

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ALVARA Cash Center Software
Solution for Financial Service Providers and CIT-Companies

  • Secure cash handling process thanks to a high degree of automation
  • Cost efficiency through regionalization of cash cycles with the Cash Center Software
  • Digital documentation of the cash process thanks to the ALVARA Logistic App

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The trade platform for coins

  • Cost-effective, flexible and self-sufficient coin circulation
  • Easy and fast change ordering and delivery
  • Individual order of rolled as well as loose coins possible

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Our Solutions are ...

Thanks to a high degree of automation, our solutions guarantee you a maximum safety standard.

Thanks to our digital solutions, you can seamlessly track and manage your cash in real time.

You can optimize your cash logistics processes with our flexible platform and app solutions, too.

We are part of something very big

ALVARA | Digital Solutions - The leading provider of track & trace technologies

Together with our sister companies, we operate under the brand ALVARA | Digital Solutions. With bundled experience, practical know-how and innovative software solutions, we take cash management to a new level. This enables us to offer customers an even more comprehensive range of services and products and to serve all players in the cash cycle from a single source.